Monday, September 6, 2010


Been meaning to post these forever. Thanks to everyone who sings along at shows.

Cuss Words

This Morning I Put Orange Juice in My Cereal

I built you a skyline
out of bricks and paper planes
but you've got a way with worth
and I've got an ocean to give
I built you a shoreline
out of wood and plastic sand.
but it washed away
with all the sounds you made.

Curse Words

Food Fights With Our Mouths Open

Every time I see you, I see you naked.
But I've never seen you naked,
So whats the point of even thinking about you?
You taught me how to use my feet.

I might not be around with the thick skin that I have now.
I'm amazed. Its not who you are, its what you listen to.
This is now a problem. This is not my problem.
It's Like a Supermarket Under Here

I was unconscious, for just a second.
But in that instant, I watched your clothes come off.
But you were wasted, and I was content.
As I was drifting in and out of sleep.
I was born at the base of your neck.
I Thought You Said King Arthur

Who said I "liked" it?
I was born with it.
Who said I liked you?
I've been swimming in circles.
This town is an ocean of opinions.
Random Acts of Grindness

I've been around
I know transgression
but I'm always wrong I wouldn't put it past me
I made a face and it stuck that way
now you can find my eyes cause they're always on you
I just can't handle more whiskey

Split w/ Senders

Let Off Some Steam

I stretch my lungs out
to make room for your hands
and you're picking bits of me from between your teeth
and I'm learning to live with it
This coast is filled with ghosts and I'd like to stay
at least awake.
I fit right in. I'd like to stay.
I'm not sorry that you're so torn apart.
But I've been thinking about you alone.
and I'm okay.
Gnarly Davidson

To keep my composure,
I'm counting teeth on my hands and feet.
But my bones are old and my stomach burns.
So I use my tongue to build monuments.
I just can't get content. I'll never be.
Tonight's not the first time I've thought about leaving.
If I can't pull my weight I'll never get the fuck out of this place.
I'm learning to handle my whiskey.
I keep letting science get the best of me.
I keep letting science in.

Friends Followed By Actions

Luke Moses Loves Stale Food

When the light bent, refracted on the concrete
I saw illustrations of leg bones as palm trees
when the moss moved, it made maps
before I got back.
you've been singing in your sleep.
why won't you sing for me?
its times like these
I wish I could see
Through your long sleeve
black and white smiths tee.
Jamie Garvey Hates Everyone

My limbs are growing lips
and my ribs will learn to swim
and my knees will catch up with me
I can't relive an instant.
with my voice on your breathe
you sound a little bit like death
it echoes this closure
I can taste your posture
Diego Perez Thives on Grindness

I'm spitting color in the pavement
and its growing palettes of pastels
I slept for days, throwing up ways
to carve a compass out of accountability.
I just can't handle more whiskey
Kelly Hewitt Loves Waterworld

The cracks in the sidewalk are glowing dim
and this liquid courage is running thin.
I feel so small
under the weight of the fall
I'm just sorry I wasn't there
You weren't ready
my hands are heavy
and my legs are lead

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