Sunday, January 26, 2020


Here's everything we have recorded to date. Please download and share.

Friends Followed By Actions. Recorded by John Henderson from At Our Age in the Wizard's Lair. He made us sound better than we actually are. Thanks to Matt Hodge, Diego, Jerry Jenkins, Jamie, Brent, Orlando, and Darell. Artwork by Lee.

1)Luke Moses Loves Stale Food
2)Jamie Garvey Hates Everyone
3)Diego Perez Thrives on Grindness
4)Kelly Hewitt Loves Waterworld

Friends Followed By Actions


Our side of the split with Senders. Recorded by Jason.

1)Let Off Some Steam
2)Gnarly Davidson

Senders Split


Second Demo/Curse Words. Four songs that sound infinitely better than the first demo. Recorded slowly over a couple weeks in the fall of '09, again by Jason. Two more refined versions of old songs, and two new songs. 2 more songs were recorded, but one of them didn't turn out great, and the other one got scrapped altogether. This will be out on a self released cassette soon.

1)Food Fights With Our Mouths Open
3)It's Like a Supermarket Under Here
4)I Thought You Said King Arthur

Curse Words


Random Acts of Grindness. Recorded at the same time as Curse Words. The song is good, but we could never get it to sound exactly how we wanted it to recorded, so we left it off the 'official' release.

Random Acts of Grindness


First demo/Cuss Words. Recorded after being a band for 3 days or so in July. Super rough sounding, and we didn't know when to stop playing parts, since we barely knew how to play the songs. These songs were eventually put out on a split tape with La Cara Oculta. Recorded/mixed by Jason.

1) This Morning I Put Orange Juice in My Cereal
2) It's Like a Supermarket Under Here
3) I Thought You Said King Arthur

Cuss Words